A Total Approach with ORBERA

The ORBERA® weight loss system not only provides you with drastic results in the first six months of the program, but it also gives you the skills to continue your healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.


ORBERA® is much more than just a procedure. It’s a total system, a program that can help you change your lifestyle – physically and mentally. After six months, the ORBERA® gastric balloon is removed, but the benefits don’t stop there. ORBERA® is a comprehensive approach, and you’ll be involved in a medically supervised after-care program involving a team of dietitians  to help you continue your successful weight loss journey.

Is ORBERA for You?

If you want to lead a healthier life, ORBERA® may be for you. If you’ve tried to lose weight through other methods, including diet and exercise, and failed, ORBERA® may be for you. ORBERA® can help you break through that weight loss barrier – improving not only your health, but also your well-being. 


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